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17 Apr 2024

Commercial Property Insurance

Just as homeowners protect their investments through an insurance policy, business owners should protect their commercial property with a top-notch business insurance plan.

A commercial property policy is a crucial piece of the business insurance puzzle, as it protects business assets in the event of a natural disaster, damage, or theft. In a state like Colorado, where weather conditions can change quickly and dramatically, having a commercial property policy that protects against weather-related events is essential.

Hail Storm: Now What?

Here are a few steps to take after a hail storm at your commercial property:

  • Check for Damage: Upon a quick visual inspection, you can identify any obvious damage. Are any windows cracked or broken? Are there dents in any visible metal on the building?
  • Arrange an Inspection: Hail damage is not always easily noticeable. Contacting a professional roofing contractor to look at the property can help you decide if it’s time to get insurance involved. 
  • Call Your Agent: If you have any questions after the inspection or know there is significant damage, you need to reach out to your insurance professional immediately. Your agent will guide you through the following steps.
  • File a Claim: After you’ve talked with your agent, it may be time to file a claim. Your advisor will help you schedule a visit from an adjuster to take a look at the storm damage.
  • Repair or Replace: At this point, your insurance company will help schedule any necessary repairs or contract with a trusted roofer for a total replacement. Your deductible will determine the amount you owe.
  • Review Your Policy: After all is said and done, it’s time to review your policy. Now is the time, if necessary, to change coverages or deductible amounts for future events. 

Protecting Your Business Assets

Storms can come without warning, and you must protect your business assets. If you haven’t discussed your policy recently, reach out to your insurance professional to discuss your current coverage and whether or not you need to make any updates. 

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