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03 Apr 2024

Having commercial insurance is crucial for contractors in Colorado. The nature of construction projects naturally exposes workers to a number of dangers on the job. Additionally, contractors often take on pricey projects where issues and mistakes can be costly. 

As a plumber, homebuilder, mason, or general contractor, the right insurance policies protect your employees, finances, and business reputation. 

How Does Your Insurance Protect You?

As a contractor, here are a few ways your business insurance protects you:

  • Legal Expenses: If a disgruntled client sues you, your business insurance will help cover the legal costs of resolving the situation.
  • Medical Expenses: If you or your employee suffers an injury on the job and is faced with medical bills, your worker's compensation insurance will aid in the expenses.
  • Property Damage: In the event that a worker damages  customer property during a project, your general liability policy helps cover the costs.
  • Equipment and Materials: If your equipment or materials are damaged during a project, your builder's risk policy will prevent a financial loss. 

Cost for Contractors Insurance

Your type and size of business, claims history, years of experience, and location will all factor in the cost of your insurance as a contractor. For a tailored business insurance plan and quote, please contact Steve Longenecker (303-808-9351 x2) at Mountain Insurance: Longmont.

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